NICKY WD – Artiste ( Biography )

My name is chinedu dick Joshua also known by Nicky Wd am from abia state but born and brought up in Warri delta state Nigeria where I start my music career on a faithful when me and my friends visited studio I use to do all entertainment but when I visited the studio the producer love my vibe and advice me that was about 10years ago so I started working on different song until i got into the university though me and my friends have a group called starboys

We work as one team then we scatter and I fall into any gang called music star musical (msm) then starboys change to star city music empire when they find out Wizkid already got the company name so I went to school and meet new artists new vibe I go more advice from lot of my fellow artist I did lot of song and I drop few songs but I drop my official single 2017 Nicky Wd ft Twest_believe then got my fans back and started working hard for the next move then I drop my mood audio and video Nicky Wd ft Swain still treading then I got sign into pan nation entertainment November 2019

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