35 Hilarious ‘Wafi’ Warri Slangs

Nigeria is blessed with cultural and behavioral diversities. But, one among all of them have proven to be unique and outstanding, Warri ‘waffi’ language.

Here, we will be looking through their extremely funny way of communication. Any where you see a typical waffi person be sure to have a thorough laugh as their choice of words and pronunciation are funny to listen to.

Checkout some of their slangs:

1. “Ma guy don kpuff!” Meaning: My guy is dead.

2. “You don chaw?” Meaning: Have you eaten?

3. “Shebi your head dey shake?” Meaning: Are you alright?

4. “I go whoze you oo” Meaning: I will beat you

5. “Na your palee be dis” Meaning: Is he your Dad?

6. “Malee calm dan!” Meaning: Mum calm down

7. “Fem” Meaning: Shut up

8. “Omote” Meaning: Fine girl

9: “You dey burst my brain” Meaning: I’m impressed

10. “You dey feel me so?” Meaning: Do you understand me?

11. “You be winch?” Meaning: Are you a witch?

12. “The babe dey winchi my pocket” Meaning: The babe is draining me financially

14. “Alarm hold me” Meaning: I am broke

15. “I dey H bad bad!” Meaning: I’m very hungry

16. “Who you epp?” Meaning: you are irrelevant

17. “You don baff?” Meaning: Are you upto standard?or have you been initiated?

18. “Pepper no rest” Meaning: No money

19. “Make we go blow”. Meaning: Let’s get intimate

20. “Sapele Water” Meaning: Hot drink or gin

21. “E don jakpa”. Meaning: He has absconded

22. “Na scrobo she be na”. Meaning: She is promiscuous.

23. “The waka senge menge” Meaning: Things went as planned.

24. “Make I get sky dia” Meaning: Can I get N50?

25. “Your shange na shandy” Meaning: You change is N20

26. “Shine your 32” Meaning: Smile

27. “Skelewu”. Meaning: Being deceived.

28. “Straff”. Meaning: To have s3x

29. “Shuoo!” Meaning: Seriously

30. “B-side”. Meaning: Benin City

31. “Na sauti”. Meaning: South African

32: “I go shook your eye na”. Meaning: I will blind your eyes now.

33. “Dem brekete”. Meaning: They are many

34. “Bushmu”. Meaning: Local girl

35. “Flenjo”. Meaning: Enjoyment

Well, I will stop here, even though there are many more to learn.

But, if you are looking for a particular meaning of a waffi slang you have heard and didn’t find above, kindly drop it in the comment session and I will be responding to them.

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