#CBM1: INTERNET FRAUD ( YAHOO YAHOO ) – Helping or Destroying

#CBM1: INTERNET FRAUD ( YAHOO YAHOO ) – Helping or Destroying


Among many topics trending in Nigeria it is beyond contestation that INTERNET FRAUD ( YAHOO YAHOO) is one of those topping charts.

This is no new term in the country as some certain youths have been in on this for many years and are still in it. As much as it is no new topic, it has taken new shape over the years. Many have vowed to always fight against it as it brings em nothing buh destestation, while others have learned to embrace it as it seems to be the best ( or only possible) option to survive in the present state of economy in the country.

Internet fraud in Nigeria is said to have been started by graduates who after many years in school were abandoned in the label market and had no where else to turn to, as a result they sought after greener pastures via another means, this has therefore since then made a boost in the lives of many youth within the years.

It is believed in most localities ( with very good reason ) that the rates of thieves and street thugs reduced rapidly as they gave up stealing and looting for survival and ventured into INTERNET FRAUD.


Most Market traders say that their best patronages come from Internet Fraudsters ( so called Yahoo boys ). They go on about how they make massive sales and profits when they come across these boys. Likewise landlords have stated how they can convince build ultra modern houses, hotels and recreational spots as they’re well patronised by these boys.

Therefore, we can say that money defrauded by these so called Yahoo boys are being circulated round the country and therefore helping the economy…

Recently Internet FRAUD has allegedly taken a new look in Nigeria, it is now said that some of these Internet Fraudsters ( especially the newly joined ones) now partake in fettish and dangerous practices to ensure their success in fraud, of which it is said to be believed that these practices involves harmful money rituals and human sacrifices in blood and kind, though most of the so called yahoo boys deny this fact and clearly state that Internet Fraud is a game for the smart and brilliant, saying they wouldn’t hurt anyone nor target Africans, they say those involving themselves in fetishism aren’t Yahoo Boys but are Ritualists and should be arrested and tried.



Over the years different law enforcement agencies have battled against Internet fraudsters in Nigeria all in their own different tactics, during the END SARS protest of 2020 these boys allegedly came out in majority as many of them have been molested and arrested by officers of the former exist FSARS units, during which the saying was common ” NA YAHOO WE DEY DO WE NOR KILL PERSON, I PHONE NOR BE GUN”
It has become an unfair fact that people now classify every well dressed, good looking and successful young man as a YAHOO BOY. Most foreign countries now generally label an average Nigerian as a Criminal and not to be trusted.
This is an issue we are yet to see the end of.

1. Internet Fraud has reduced the level of street thugs and robberies in our locality as many now do Internet fraud rather than molesting and robbing people.

2. Internet Fraudsters have boosted the circulation of money in our economy.

3. Internet Fraudsters have reduced the reputation and trustworthiness of the country.

These among many other unstated points…

Now the question is





#CBM1: INTERNET FRAUD ( YAHOO YAHOO ) – Helping or Destroying
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