The clock ticked slowly as the seconds count, the evening was cool with soothing wind in the atmosphere, obvious suspense in the air as Becca awaits his arrival at the restaurant, sitting all alone with a glass of water standing on the table untouched, several eyes on her from tables around, but who wouldn’t want to stare at a 5’10 tall ebony brunette with incredibly attractive blue eyes and a well built killer shaped hips slipped into a perfectly made red colored dinner gown exposing her cleavage at just the right proportion, Hello! she heard from what sounded as a cute looking gentleman, reluctantly she turned around and behold her ears fed the right information as she saw good looking white chap probably in his early 30s wearing a smile so dangerous a girl could die for. The Name’s John, he continued, Couldn’t help but noticed you’ve been here a while, can I buy you a… Door opens as Brian steps in, flowers in his hand with the kinda smile that softens a woman’s heart walking towards her in all focus ( now Brian is a good looking black American chap with body built at least twice that of John’s and he does know how to make an apology worth while ), he bends down so close to her looks in her eyes and still wearing that smile, hey beautiful don’t you look gorgeous tonight, ( Becca now has the kinda smile that says all is forgiven, heart filled with so much joy and Satisfaction), here you go angel ( as he hands her the flowers ) hope you like em I picked em up myself, Becca held Brian’s hands with the flowers still in em stood up pulling him to do same, both still wearing their special smile already lost in each other’s eyes, I love em She says, and I think I love you a little more, Brian couldn’t help it but smiled more, Becca hugged him so tight she needn’t speak of how happy she is to see him, once more she looked into his eyes and slowly biting down on one side of her lower lip she whispered to him, Why don’t we get outa here already, am starting to hunger for the meal indoors, Brian now gave a cocky grin as he was eager to serve that meal, he suddenly realized John who was slightly out of his game zone and standing confused behind Becca, oh seems you made a friend, Yeah Yeah she said, darling meet Jack, it’s John, he Corrected immediately as he shakes hands with Brian wearing a nasty smile, well nice to meet you John, ( Becca interrupts as she took Brian’s hands ) but we must get going, ( they both walk towards the exit ) hey I didn’t get your name, John said eagerly as the door closes and bounces, he stands dumbfounded for a few seconds then went back to his friends.
Brian and Becca got home ( to Brian’s place ) pretty quickly, she couldn’t wait for him to close door as she drops her purse on the floor and wrapped her hands all over him, turns him around and lays kisses o him so passionately, she squeezes him hard pressing his head against Her’s, his hands slides slowly from her hair down her back as he unzips her gown….

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